Florida police officer Tim McCormick is causing a stir on the internet with allegations of a sabotaged sandwich at Burger King. The cop claimed that he was served a burger with “dirt” in it, a theory on which he expands in a righteous Facebook post (now deleted):  

"I was the Officer who was served a burger at Burger King a 4004 Cleveland Avenue in Ft Myers with dirt in it. At first I thought it was just burned bacon, I was hungry and ate the burger. At the last bite I saw dirt and grit on the burger. In disgust I threw it out the window."

Usually a mistake in burger prep wouldn’t cause such a stir, but McCormick thinks he was treated differently as an officer of the law, with the word “police” scrawled in black across the top of his receipt, something that’s never happened to him before at the burger joint he has visited frequently.

The management of the Burger King has responded by investigating the accusations through their video surveillance footage. They have determined that there was nothing out of the ordinary with the preparation of the food and that the “dirt” was actually a staple of most burgers: salt and pepper. Dan Fitzpatrick, the CEO of the franchise that operates the Burger King said that “we invited senior level Fort Myers Police Department officials.”

To see what all the trouble is about, visit the restaurant yourself.