It's been weeks since Eminem's stirring diss aimed at President Donald Trump during the BET Awards annual cypher. While Trump has yet to respond, much to Eminem's dismay, rapper Coolio figures that retaliation may come in a much more lethal dose.

While talking to TMZ, the Compton-bred emcee was asked about his thoughts on Eminem's latest album, and dished out his thoughts on today's musical landscape in the process.

"People don't want to talk about nothing these days. People just want to have fun, and party and bullsh*t. So, that's what it is. Nobody wants to hear anything that stimulates any thought and that's how it is," Coolio said in regard to the mixed reaction Eminem's REVIVAL effort has been getting, namely the negative reactions to his politically-charged theme.

"We've been conditioned like that for a long time expecially these youngsters," he went on to add. "They don't want to hear anything that's controversial because they don't got time for that." He, however, went on to note that while he believes "this generation" doesn't hold much substance, there may be hope yet.  "I think they ready for something. It's just going to take a couple of people to come out and do it. They follow each other. When a cat come out and do something, they do what he does." 

We've heard this one before: same old thing. Different OG. But, it ultimately served as premise to Coolio's thoughts on Eminem's aim at Trump, offering up a more morbid possibility as to how this saga may end, if it hasn't already.

"Trump is a little bit--he's a weirdo," Coolio began. "So, he might do anything. ...He might have Eminem killed. Don't be surprised if Eminem come up dead."

Well, that one ought to keep the conspiracy theorists busy for a while.