When it comes to selling it to a live audience, Coolio thinks that millenial rappers are missing the mark.

Coolio then took it a step further.  Instead of expressing outrage at the current crop of "mumble rappers", he took ownership of the situation, when pressed by Josh Bernstein, at a Pollstar Conference that discussed the ascendancy of underground music.

"With a lot of these kids you got to give them time. I’m tired of seeing bad hip-hop shows. I’m so tired of it. It [once] took a village to raise a child. Everybody forgot that. So if we want music to be good we got to teach these young cats how to be good."

His idea expresses a strong desire for seasoned hip hop artists to share their experiences and help groom young performing artists. The barebone approach of giving artists deals without proper counsel and resources is perhaps what Coolio is touching on, and possibly grounds for a greater discussion about post-internet hip hop.

[via Pollstar]