As he continues to celebrate the release of his debut solo studio album From King to a God, Conway the Machine reflected on how his talents helped keep him from a troublesome lifepath. With each of his releases—whether they are collaborative efforts, full-length albums, or drop-off singles—Conway is not only praised for being an accomplished emcee, but a respected one, as well.

Conway sat down for a virtual chat with Ebro in the Morning and was asked about his lyrics regarding music keeping him out of the line of trouble. "Like, for real-for real, music definitely saved my life," the rapper said. He added that his late friends "provided a place" for him and others to retreat from life on the streets. "Buffalo, we went without a lot of resources an up and coming artist might need. So, these guys really took they last money and made studios. Not only was they just studios, but they was places where we could get out of the street and stay out of trouble. Music definitely saved my life."

"If it wasn't for this sh*t, it ain't no telling what I'd be doing right now," Conway continued. Check out the rapper's interview below.