A few weeks back, Conway The Machine delivered one of the year's most impressive albums so far, From King To A God. And while the project was a marvel on the critical front, many were curious to hear how it would fare on the Billboard charts. Today, Conway took a moment to share an update on the album's status, confirming that it had debuted on the Billboard Top 200 in the 126th spot -- not too shabby for an artist who has been largely rising through word of mouth and the strength of his label's vision.

"This may not mean much to y’all but I’m fuckin proud of myself!" writes Conway, When I think about all the work I put in and all the energy I put into this FKTG album, this is gratifying. I did it MY way, this is DRUMWORK! absolutely NOBODY gave me a single dollar to cook this shit up, no help from labels, no handouts no nothing, just ME and I did all this shit myself out my own pocket and I’m fuckin proud of the results!!"

"Lol Love to all the fans that fuck wit me,I appreciate all the support!!" he continues, clearly riding high. "I’m bouta go smoke 126 backwoods and celebrate I made it to @billboardcharts I’m lit!" A well-deserved victory lap, and one has to wonder if the strength of this project bodes well for the release of his Shady Records debut God Don't Make Mistakes, which is still set to land before the year is over. Check out his celebration below, and congratulations to The Machine for sticking to his guns and succeeding with the project he set out to create.