This week's segment of The Breakfast Club's "Donkey of The Day" held a serious note. In the clip available below, Charlamagne opens the conversation with his concerns regarding society's current relationship with social media saying, "Don't be a slave to your devices." He warns against the concept of accepting "normalized things that aren't normal." In his opinion, there are certain activities that our culture has managed to desensitize in our minds, such as filming a tragedy instead of calling for help. The criticism continues, pointing to those who have a "lack of empathy or disregard for other people's lives." Charlamagne refers to this part of our culture is referred to as "generation numb." 

The host speaks of people who have publicly expressed their belief that XXXTentacion might actually be alive. Charlamagne comments,"This has become our life so much that we don't even know fact and fiction." A call by one of these individuals was also rung in.

The deceased rapper is said to have spoken a lot about death during his time at the radio station. Apparently, he was heard saying, "Next time, make sure you kill me so I don't talk shit." Charlamagne quotes the Bible verse Proverbs 18:21, which says "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit (New International Version)." He states that he can't say whether the rapper's apparent obsession led to his death, but he also can't say that it didn't.

Watch the clip below for the full segment. It includes Snoop Dogg's thoughts on speaking about life and death, as well as XXXTentacion's Instagram Live video that is currently making rounds.