Last night, Kanye West wrote down, one-by-one, each of the 10 tracks that will appear on his upcoming album, SWISH, in handwriting that makes Drake look like a master of calligraphy. The handwritten tracklist also included a sly message from Kylie Jenner, who let Kanye's followers know that she's been present for the making of what Kanye has already deemed "the best album of all time." 

It seems Kanye has a habit of writing down the tracklists to his albums as soon as they are decided upon. Today, Chicago rapper and former GOOD Music member Consequence shared a picture of the original handwritten tracklist to Kanye's debut album, 2004's The College Dropout

There is certainly a likeness between this tracklist, which Consequence says dates back to 2003, and the one Kanye wrote down last night, though it seems his penmanship skills have slightly worsened with age.

Consequence went on to reveal that one of the bonus tracks from the '03 tracklist, "18 Years," went on to become "Gold Digger," the second single off 2005's Late Registration. He also explains that track #6, "Good, Bad, Ugly," was swapped for "Spaceship" and, instead, later appeared on Consequence's 2007 album, Don't Quit Your Day Job

Compare the two historical documents, and then tell us if you think SWISH has a chance of being even better than College Dropout