Former boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi has decided he will no longer be training with Conor McGregor, just days after he revealed details of a 12-round session with the UFC champ.

After their latest sparring session, Malignaggi said he felt "set up" by McGregor's camp, having to go 12 rounds hours after flying across the country to spar with Conor. 

Then, McGregor's camp apparently leaked some photos from the session, including one where Malignaggi is lying on his back on the canvas.

Paulie says the photo is misleading and that Conor pushed him down while sparring. He ranted on twitter last night claiming he "actually beat Conor's ass," and begged for the unedited footage of their 12-round sparring session to be released.

According to CBS Sports, Malignaggi will no longer be training with McGregor's team. He released the following statement, per CBS Sports.

"I just wanted to clear the air. I am leaving the McGregor training camp today," Malignaggi said on Thursday. "I came with the best intentions and intended to help out. Just the chance to be part of such a big event in this capacity excited me. 

"I believe Conor and I have a mutual respect inside the ring, earned from each other with some good work over two sparring sessions. It's some of the stuff outside the ring and some ways some things were handled in training camp that I didn't agree with that made me come to this decision. 

"It's not my place to dictate terms in a training camp that is not mine, but it's my place to decide if I want to be part of it."

Check out the photos in question below, as well as Malignaggi's numerous responses.