Whiskey sales in the United State have soared to over $1 billion for the first time ever, and Conor McGregor would like to take credit for the historic rise.

According to a report by Irish Times, analysts have credited the UFC superstar's Proper No. Twelve whiskey as part of the reason Irish whiskey sales rose 12% in the U.S. last years.

Irish Times reports:

"Sales of Irish whiskey in the US rose 12 per cent last year passing the $1 billion milestone for the first time."

"However, Jameson, which has led the Irish whiskey renaissance, is seeing a slowdown in growth in the US with analysts attributing it in part to the launch of Conor McGregor’s Proper No Twelve brand last year."

According to the numbers revealed by the Distilled Spirits Council, roughly 4.7 million nine-litre cases of Irish whiskey were sold in the United States last year, marking a significant increase from the year prior and even more so from 2003 when distillers combined for sales of just $74 million.

McGregor, 30, launched Proper No Twelve last September exclusively in Ireland and the U.S. Since then, distribution has expanded to the UK and Australia. According to Irish Times, the brand sold out a six-month allocation in its first 10 days and has now shipped about 200,000 nine-litre cases since its launch.