McGregor's latest memo is as confusing to say the latest. As history would have it, Connor doesn't like big mouth Mark Wahlberg all too much. The "Funky Bunch" rap/singer turned actor successfully spread his seed across many fields of entertainment and sports, including the UFC.

It's unclear what exactly sparked Connor McGregor dislike of Mark Wahlberg, apart from the fact the actor is a shareholder within the UFC's shadow group of investors, a position the "retired" MMA fighter would like to inherit on his own terms.

So McGregor did what any fighter would if given the choice: use the octagon as a decisive measure to see who gets to keep their shareholder privileges. For all intents and purposes, Wahlberg doesn't have to yield to McGregor's demands, so long as he keeps to a position of sport-based integrity.

"I've decided to challenged Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next," McGregor Tweeted. "A fight for all the shares!" Inevitably, McGregor's yelping didn't fall on deaf ears, as several Tweeters relished the chance to play devil's advocate. One user, in particular, insisted that McGregor reconsider his challenge, the reason being: Wahlberg put on a good tough guy showing in the movie Four Brothers.