It feels as though the entire world has shut down due to the Coronavirus. Over 400,000 people across the globe have contracted it and that number will most likely go up to over a million by the end of the month. This is a public health crisis like no other and people are worried about what will happen next. Many countries are going on lockdown and now, Conor McGregor is demanding that his native Ireland do the exact same thing.

McGregor took to IGTV where he had a message for all of his followers. Just last week, we reported on how McGregor believes his aunt died due to the virus. With this in mind, the UFC legend is taking the threat very seriously and wants to make sure people are aware of the risks.

"While we are currently debating a full lockdown, I feel that we must! Any time spent debating this is needless time from the clock," McGregor said. "Let's get it together and ring the bell ourselves."

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to closures of numerous sports leagues around the globe although for now, the UFC is still putting on shows. In fact, Dana White is promising that the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is still going to happen.

Hopefully, McGregor's message will be heard loud and clear by those in charge.