Conor McGregor came through with a bombshell announcement last night as he revealed that he would be retiring from the UFC. McGregor seemed to be in talks for his next fight but instead, he decided to call it a career for the third time in four years. In this regard, McGregor is the boy who cried wolf, and not many people actually believe that he won't be competing anymore. Regardless, McGregor has made his intentions clear, and today, he has already begun living the good life with a cheat meal courtesy of his kids.

In the Instagram post below, McGregor shows off a large brownie he was given that says "Happy Retirement Daddy" in icing. Clearly, McGregor doesn't really care about his diet right now and the brownie is certainly symbolic of that.

As far as his actual retirement is concerned, it remains to be seen whether or not he goes through with it. McGregor likes to make these kinds of announcements as a negotiation tactic of sorts so perhaps he is just waiting on Dana White to give him what he wants before stepping back inside the Octagon.

Stay tuned for updates on McGregor's antics as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest information.