The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor four-stop international press tour rolled through the Barclay's Center in Brookyln last night for a sellout event that fans hoped would live up to the hype of the first two pressers in LA and Toronto.

While the BK stop wasn't nearly as entertaining as the first two events, there's still plenty to unpack today, including the scene that unfolded when Floyd Mayweather simply said, "Yo, form Voltron," and his two hulking bodyguards swarmed around McGregor and his team.

Tensions were high as both sides converged and started jawing with one another, though everything eventually settled down without anybody getting physical.

After the presser, McGregor addressed the situation.


“Juicehead fools,” McGregor said at the post-event press conference. “I don’t know, man. I didn’t even see them until they were on top of me. I was like, ‘what?’ and then everybody was pushing and shoving. But, handbags, we call that back where I come from. It means it’s nothing, it’s just handbags. It’s just a term we use.”

McGregor added that it's all in good fun, but issued a stern warning for Mayweather's "handbags."

“We’re having a good time, but I’ll tell you what, if those fucking juiceheads [do that again], I’ll slap the hell out of all of them,” McGregor said. “If something like that happens at the next one, something will have to happen.”

Check out the footage of Mayweather siccing his "juice head turkeys" last night's press conference below, as well as the post-press conference comments by Mayweather's bodyguards.