There are plenty of lookalikes making big bucks from sharing a similar face as celebrities, but not all of them are arrested for it. Legally, impersonators can earn quite a bit of money pretending to be someone famous, but often, scams are an easier route. Boxing champion and UFC fighter Conor McGregor was going on about his everyday life when he was confronted with the news that there was a man out there scheming while pretending to be him.

According to multiple reports, 34-year-old Mark Nye was arrested back in February on drug charges and investigators discovered he was also impersonating McGregor.

In February, police saw Nye as he was attempting to rid himself of narcotics and cell phones. He was later pulled over and taken into custody. When first asked, Nye lied and told authorities that his name was "Conor," and when they went through his personal belongings, they were shocked to see he even had business cards that read "McGregor Enterprise."

Even more baffling is Nye was allegedly running an entire drug operation, but it's unclear if people truly believed that he was McGregor or one of the fighter's relatives. The New York Post reported that earlier this month,  Nye "pleaded guilty to possession with the intent to supply class A drugs."

Could he fool you?