UFC superstar Conor McGregor plead guilty to a single violation of disorderly conduct in Brooklyn criminal court today, as part of a plea deal stemming from the bus attack at Barclays Center on April 5. According to ESPN's Brett Okamoto, the agreement involves no jail time and will not affect McGregor's travel visa, as he will not have a criminal record. 

McGregor, 30, is also required to pay full restitution to the bus company for any damages suffered (which McGregor has already fulfilled according to ESPN), five days of community service and an anger management program lasting 1-3 days. McGregor had faced 12 criminal charges related to the melee at Barclays, including two felony criminal mischief charges, which carried a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

Outside the courthouse this morning, McGregor made the following statement, "I just want to say I'm thankful to the D.A. and the judge for allowing me to move forward. I want to say to my friends, my family, my fans -- thank you for your support."

Now that the legal issues are resolved, it is expected that McGregor will challenge current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was the alleged target of his attack back in April. McGregor made his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather last August, but he has not fought in the UFC since November 2016, when he defeated Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden.