UFC star Conor McGregor has reportedly been charged with assault for punching an elderly man at a Dublin, Ireland bar back in April. According to ESPN, McGregor served with a summons and is due to appear in Dublin court on October 11.

The Independent reports that the assault charge carries a maximum prison term of six months if convicted, a fine of $1,646, or both.

The man involved in the bar dispute with UFC superstar Conor McGregor spoke with the Irish Daily Star in August to give his side of the story, explaining that he thinks McGregor swung on him at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin, Ireland on April 6 because he turned down a shot of McGregor's Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey.

"I am sitting on the bar stool just having a quiet pint with my friend then all of a sudden because I refuse his drink I get a punch," the man ssaid ... "You don’t need that in life."

"He is a bit of a bully, a bully with money ... I'm glad people saw the video. I don't like him."

"Look-it, I can take a punch,” he told the Irish Daily Star.

The former two-division champ took full responsibility for his actions during an interview with ESPN's Ariel Helwani, and said he deserved to be called out by his colleagues. 


"There is no answer to what was done. I was completely in the wrong. There's no need to even discuss what began it, what was going on outside, inside -- any of that. I was completely in the wrong; it was unacceptable behavior, and I accept that."

"I must get my head screwed on and just get back in the game and fight for redemption, retribution, respect -- the things that made me the man I am. And that's what I will do."