Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in sports right now and it has a lot to do with his attitude and the way he is constantly talking on social media. McGregor rarely has nice things to say about people and he is always in a constant state of feeling slighted by critics and the UFC. As a fighter, however, he is highly respected by the vast majority of his peers, as is evident by the sheer amount of people who want to fight him.

In a recent Twitter thread, McGregor claimed that Anderson Silva was the greatest fighter ever and that McGregor himself was in second place. Well, Silva caught wind of this and challenged McGregor to a catchweight fight. Today on Twitter, McGregor accepted the challenge and got fans extremely excited.

It remains to be seen whether or not this fight will really happen although if you're Dana White, the prospect is surely enticing. However, Silva is well past his prime, and considering his recent string of losses, he wouldn't stand much of a chance against McGregor.

Either way, McGregor against Silva would make for some very compelling television and we will surely be tuning in if and when it happens.