While UFC fans eagerly await Conor McGregor's rumored return to the octagon, the Irish superstar is lining up fights against Hollywood actors and Late Night hosts. 

McGregor, who has experienced much success with his Proper No. Twelve Whiskey since "retiring," recently joked about challenging "actress" Mark Wahlberg to a fight for his UFC shares. Now, McGregor has his sights on Conan O'Brien.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with O'Brien as he was leaving UCLA, and the comedian joked about giving McGregor his minority share in the UFC.

"I will fight him for his [share]," Conan joked ... "If he can take me in the Octagon!"

On Thursday, McGregor cracked, "Challenge accepted Conan! I’ll whoop you and Walhberg in the same night. Double shares for the Double Champ!"

As mentioned, the 30-year old fighter first took aim at Wahlberg on March 30, tweeting, "I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next. A fight for all the shares!" He continued, "I’ll smack him and his 4 brothers around. It wouldn’t be the first crew of brothers i’ve smacked around. Check the history books. The UFC history books."

For what it's worth, UFC President Dana White has said that McGregor having a stake in the promotion is "never gonna happen." As for McGregor's imminent return to the octagon, it remains to be seen what's next.

It's clear that he is eager for a rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov, and UFC President Dana White has even hinted at McGregor vs Khabib II in the near future. However, there's a clear path to a Poirier vs Khabib showdown and the interim Lightweight champ is already itching for a fight against the undefeated champ once his suspension is up.