A new internet challenge is taking the virtual world by storm, and luckily, this time no one needs to injure themselves. We've seen idiotic challenges such as the hot water challenge, where kids get their skinned burned off by boiling liquid. The optical illusion hand challenge has left half of the internet scratching their heads, while the other half has uploaded videos of themselves doing the trick as well.

Twitter user @Kay_dera, whose real name is Chidera Kemakolam, uploaded a video of herself performing the trick online. The optical illusion is easy, Kemakolam places one opened hand out then places the fingers of her other hand between her fingers on her outstretched hand. In a quick instant, Kemakolam balls the open hand into a fist, and opens up the hand with the intertwined fingers. The result of the trick gives the appearance that her hands have switched places. 

Her video was viewed millions of times, but Kemakolam told Business Insider that she never planned for her video to go viral. "I didn't come up with the challenge," she stated. "I just saw it on Instagram and took a stab at it and thought it was cool, so I just posted it on Twitter not really thinking it was going to get that viral."