The entire hip-hop community rejoiced late last month when Bobby Shmurdawas finally released from prison last month. The hitmaker was arrested back in 2014 shortly after achieving international fame, ending his career potential incredibly prematurely. While it had been reported that Shmurda was released on parole, the conditions of his parole supervision were previously unknown. According to newly obtained legal docs by TMZ, the rapper allegedly isn't allowed to drink any alcohol, hang out in bars or around gang members despite being out.

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Power 105.1

The publication reports that he'll be under parole supervision all the way until February 23rd, 2026. Until then, he'll have to adhere to an 8 pm curfew, submit to substance abuse testing and receive counseling for aggression and anger. 

The easiest part of his parole terms is just that he must "seek, obtain, and maintain employment." Considering his status as an acclaimed rapper, he's good on that part. 

He's already had a few performances out in Atlanta during NBA All-Star Weekend. Literal moments after his release, he boarded a private jet with Quavo and hit the studio with the Migos member. 

The news of the parole terms tie up a couple of loose ends in the rapper's behavior. Days after his release, footage went viral of the rapper denying a drink at the club, gesturing to his water bottle instead. 

As long as the Brooklyn drill pioneer keeps up the good behavior he can continue to stay out of trouble.