Kyrie Irving and Nike have teamed up with Boston-based sneaker boutique Concepts once again for two different colorways of the Nike Kyrie 6. Similar to the "Ikhet" and "Orion's Belt" Nike Kyrie 5 collabs, it looks like both of the Kyrie 6s will lean on Kyrie's deep fascination with ancient Egyptian culture.

Take a look at the teaser images in the IG posts embedded below, and stay tuned for the full reveal as we inch closer to the rumored December 27 release date.

Here's how the KYRIE 6 breaks down, according to Nike


  • The Traction 360 grip helps keep Irving feeling quicker and more connected to the court. Micro textures on the top of the forefoot extend that connection during extreme banking.
  • To enable Irving to play at top speed, the last is dropped 5mm closer to the court.
  • The KYRIE 6 features a plush foam, or optimum cushion, and a smooth underfoot feel at the heel.
  • The midfoot strap offers increased stability and arch support.


  • Despite the aesthetic of the new last, the curved outsole still provides Irving (and those who emulate him) banked traction to help with court grip whether banking, cutting or attacking the basket in drastic degrees.
  • The KYRIE 6 features the same articulated Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot as its predecessor, helping enable responsiveness at all directions.