After Dirk Nowitzki recorded his 30,000th career point he tweeted a photo of a personalized potato that someone had sent him with a picture of him on it. 

Shortly thereafter, Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside and CJ Miles shared photos of their own special edition spuds that they received from a mystery sender. 

As it turns out, roughly 150 players were sent these potatoes by a company called "Potato Parcel." If that name sounds familiar it's because they pitched this very idea, sending people potatoes with messages on it, to Mark Cuban and others on Shark Tank last year.

At the time, founders Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig told the potential investors that they had already sold over 12,000 potatoes and in a little over a year their company had reached $215,000 in sales.

Here's what Cuban said about the business at the time while turning down their offer,

“So seriously. You do $215,000 real dollars and rather than just thinking, ‘we made out like bandits,’ you keep going at it, thinking you’re going to keep the business growing?”

As For The Win reports, Bekhit said,

"I’m a fan of the NBA. There’s a lot going on with injuries, Dirk scoring 30,000 points — I wanted to congratulate him — and the playoffs are coming soon. I just wanted to send potatoes to the players. The thing is we didn’t just send it to Dirk. We sent it to a few players and he was the first one to post it."

"We sent them to almost all of the starting five of every team. About 150 potatoes."

You can read the full interview with For The Win here.

Check out their pitch on Shark Tank below followed by some of the 150 NBA potatoes that they've sent out.