Marvel recently announced that they're going to be switching some things up for their upcoming series of "Avengers" comics. On top of replacing Thor with a female counterpart, the industry giant also announced that Falcon--formerly Captain America's partner--will be taking over his boss' role in the upcoming series, making character Sam Wilson the first black Captain America since 2003's Isaiah Bradley. The internet quickly took sides; some fans felt the change was a gimmick while others embraced the newfound diversity.

In an quick interview with TMZ, Common (who was once considered to play The Green Lantern in his own solo film) shared his own thoughts on the matter, claiming the decision is a "wonderful thing" and a more accurate representation of the culture we live in today.

Regarding the Lantern role, Common also expressed that he'd be more than willing to come back if the producers of the film were interested.

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[Update: Name corrected from "Raven" to "Falcon."]