It seems like forever ago, but there was once a time when Drake and Common were at odds. Common admitted in 2011 that his song "Sweet" had shots aimed at Drake while the Toronto rapper clapped back with a verse on “Stay Schemin’” and then Common responded by rapping over Drake's beat. Now eight years later, Common has admitted that he and Drake are good since their beef got dealt with. 

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“When we had that beef, that beef was for real for me. It was real for him,” Common said during a recent visit to REAL 92.3's Big Boy's Neighborhood. “We saw each other at the Grammys and it was like a little tension, and then it was just like a real honest talk that we had about like his respect for me. I was letting him know I thought he was a really dope and talented artist and we just squashed it then.”

He added: “It was like, what are we even beefing over at this point. This ain't where we want our lives to go, so let me just chill out on that. So I gotta give like him a lot of respect ‘cause he handled that like a grown man should. He looked me in my eye and told me, ‘Look, I really respect your music.’ I felt bad when he was dissing me.”

Watch his comments at the 20:00 mark below.