Over the weekend, Jay-Z and Beyonce took a break from lining Blue Ivy's walls with rare paintings and ancient artifacts to drop a surprise album Everything Is Love, exclusively on Tidal. It didn't take long for word to spread, and while the project is still soaking in for many circles, Common has heard enough to reach a concrete verdict. Though 2018 has been lined with many impressive projects, the multi-talented rapper had no problem place Jay and Beyonce's joint effort at the top of the heap, despite being in its mere infant, nay, fetal stages. 

The ever-vigilant, Sauron-esque eye of TMZ caught the rapper leaving "Craig's," where they proceeded to inquire for his thoughts on Everything Is Love. As it happens, Common was all smiles, living up to the album's name with some praise. "That album is dope!" says Common. "I love that shit!" When asked whether or not doing an album with one's significant other is a good idea, Common seems to think that art can stem from all situations. "What's the matter with that man? It's creativity, it's love," says Common, entering his car. "That album right there is dope man, that's one of my favorite albums of this year, point blank."

There you have it. Common Sense has spoken. Do you agree with his assessment on Everything Is Love?