Common's been killing it in the acting game, though his name come back up in the rap world recently, when Drake might have sent a shot at him during a recent Nardwuar interview by confusing his Like Water for Chocolate album with Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. It's unclear if Drizzy's mix-up was deliberate or not, but Joe Budden recently brought back up that old feud when he remembered how Drake handled Common on "Stay Schemin" (Budden hopes the same fate doesn't await him, as Drake might be coming for him on an another collab he just recorded with French). All controversy aside, Common has just announced that he'll get back into the rap convo on his own terms with the release of a new album. It'll be his first since Nobody's Smiling, released in summer 2014. 

Common recently hopped on Instagram to thank all his Down Under fans that were part of his tour of Australia and New Zealand, which he just completed. He also thought it was a good opportunity to reveal that he now plans to work on new music. His announcement then forms into something of a verse, during which he mentions Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Bob Marley. He signs off by saying, "I'm geeked up about the new project." 

Who's ready for a new Common album?