Comethazine Sends Shots At "In-N-Out Burger" On "Snack Review"

Mitch Findlay
April 05, 2019 16:12

Comethazine forays into the bodega for a "Snack Review" spending spree.

The empty calories can often feel like one of life's forbidden pleasures. Yet time and time again, the perpetually stoned have voyaged toward the local bodega with a feast on the mind. Nutritional value be damned. Now, on the third installment of HNHH's recently launched "Snack Review" series, Comethazine contributed himself to the cause, following the footsteps of both RiFF RAFF and Kid Buu

Image via HNHH

"You always need the grape," he advises, strolling alongside the beverage section. "The grape Tropicana. You need the Fiji Water. You gotta have it." His eyes light up upon witnessing a watermelon Arizona, which quickly joins the expanding bag. Some classics make up his lineup, with chocolate bars, Pop Tarts (though they went sadly uncarried), and some white-cheddar corn. Upon calling it a day, Buu returns to the NYC headquarters to indulge and field a few key questions. 

For one, he offers up his take on both the best and worst restaurants, praising Church's Chicken as his personal favorite. As for the other side of the spectrum, Comethazine has nothing but disdain for In-N-Out Burger, dubbing it the "shittiest shit" he's ever had. "In-N-Out nasty as fu*k," he says, doubling down on his arguable stance. Check out the full clip below, and keep an eye out for new installments of "Snack Review" on a weekly basis.

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HNHH TV Comethazine Sends Shots At "In-N-Out Burger" On "Snack Review"