Comethazine Reps St. Louis By Choosing Fav Nelly Songs On "This Or That"

Alex Zidel
August 23, 2019 11:00

Comethazine gives us a tour of St. Louis through his "This Or That" selections.

After being named to the 2019 XXL Freshman list, Comethazine has started to earn a pretty strong reputation in the rap game. His music is unlike many of his contemporaries. Some would say that he exemplifies the "SoundCloud Rap" vibe while others believe that he's above that label. Fresh off the release of his Bawskee 3.5 project, Cometh stopped by the office to make some tough decisions, letting us in on his own preferences and giving us a quick tour of his city.

Hailing from St. Louis, Comethazine was tasked with choosing some of his favorite foods from his hometown, as well as the best songs and artists to come out of the Lou. Bringing us to Mound City for a virtual tour, the young rapper told us about the greatest songs that Nelly, a St. Louis legend, has ever released. Picking from his most popular hits, Cometh ended up choosing "E.I." over "Grillz" but, ultimately, "Hot In Herre" took the cake. "It gets all the bitches naked," said the rapper. 

Once we got to the food portion of the show, his thoughts were more calculated, going back to his childhood and remembering his true favorites. Comethazine is a major advocate for toasted ravioli, opting for that dish instead of some St-Louis style pizza. Later on, he also revealed that he puts jelly on his pork chops, which sounds a little odd but, as he says, we shouldn't judge until we've tried it.

What's the most surprising take from Comethazine's episode of This Or That? Watch above and check him out on How To Roll here.

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