There's an unwritten concert rule, which unruly fans seem hellbent on breaking time and time again. Do not throw projectile objects at the performer. More often than not, it won't end well. Possible conclusions include, in order of severity: a) a distracted artist, b) a full-fledged mid-set cancellation, and c) a potentially brutal beatdown doled out by the fellow attendees. Yet some people seem hellbent on realizing their Darwinian destiny, and tempt fate nonetheless. One such fan decided to do exactly that during a recent Comethazine concert in Winnipeg, after he decided to toss a water bottle at the Bawskee rapper. 

"Stop throwing shit or you're gonna get smacked yourself," Comethazine said, upon receiving the unwanted "gift." "We just be tryna perform my n***a I'm not even from here ya dig?" Despite the warning, another fan decided to throw a glowstick at the rapper, prompting Comethazine to retaliate accordingly. The rapper proceeded to toss a microphone into the crowd, evidenced by an audible "KTHUH." Eventually, Meth's team managed to herd the miscreants outside, without doling out any beatings - though it's unclear what happened once all parties left the venue. 

Luckily for those in attendance, Comethazine proved to be above temper tantrums and didn't let a few bad eggs spoil the party. "I'm not from here so stop fucking with me over there bro," Comethazine said, once the commotion died down. "We're just trying to fucking have fun with you ni***s." Be kind to your local performers, people.