By now everyone is up to date with the relationship of Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz and how it started all kinds of drama since Fizz is in B2K with Omarion who is Apryl's baby father. Omarion responded to the coupling after weeks of being silent making it clear that he feels "no ways" about it. "I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative, though," he added

Jesse Grant/Getty Images 

While a couple of acts have responded to the drama, comedian Luenell has joined the list when she sounded off on the coupling during her interview with VladTV. “Well, there’s two ways I look at it. I look at it in real life, and I look at it in reality TV life," she explained of her opinion. "In real life that s–t is out of order and Lil Fizz needs his ass whopped and the b—h too. Not that I say you should hit women, but you could sho’ push the b—h down on the couch or something and get up in her face and talk s–t. Because that’s out of order!”

The Dolemite Is My Name actress questioned how Apryl's children may be viewing the situation, seeing their mom with "Uncle Fizz."

"It’s just everybody f—–g everybody when you get in the reality TV world, it do something to your mind. But in the real world, that would be some s–t," she added.

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