SNL comedian Leslie Jones is yet another celebrity putting Sephora on blast and so only a day before the company wide's sensitivity training. As you may recall, the company will be closing all of its 400 stores for company-wide sensitivity training. The act was prompted by an incident which occurred with SZA at their Calabasas location. The singer called out Sandy Sephora for having her followed and calling the police on the singer out of the belief that she was stealing. The latter even led to Rihanna stepping in to gift the TDE-affiliate with a Fenty Beauty gift card. The whole thing got Sephora dragged all across social media hence damage control had to be done. 

Leslie Jones is now calling out the company for allegedly mistreating her friends. She tweeted about the incident: “I sent my makeup artist @LolasBeautyMark and my best friends wife to @Sephora 2103 Broadway store. she needed makeup and to learn how to apply. my makeup artist just called in tears of how bad they treated her and my friends wife!! The salesperson and manager. SO NO MORE SEPHORA." Sephora since promptly responded with the following: "We're very sorry to hear this. We have reached out via Instagram and hope to connect with you and your friends directly."

C'mon, Sephora. Get it together.