Last February, white comedian Gary Owen got some attention when he was traded in a social media racial draft for Stacey Dash following her comments that Black History Month and BET should be abolished. At the time he was pleasantly surprised, but this year he clearly hasn’t forgotten about the incident and actually credits it for a successful 2016.

Being the comedian he is, Gary says he plans to “watch all Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes movies this month” but won’t be listening to Drake (because he’s mixed) and Eminem (because he’s white). His delivery really makes it, watch it below.

Owen had a reality show about his family on BET this year, The Gary Owen Show, which he credits to the racial draft trade. Meanwhile, Stacey Dash recently got fired from Fox News and hasn’t been in front of the cameras much lately. 

So, which race won out in the trade?