Comedian Chris D'Elia, who has perfected the art of mimicking Eminem, recently linked up with Complex's Joe La Puma for an all-new episode of "Sneaker Shopping" at Flight Club's Los Angeles location.

If you follow D'Elia's "Congratulations" podcast, or have seen any of his stand-up performances, you already know that he's no stranger to the sneaker game and is a huge fan of Yeezys and Air Jordan 1s. That said, D'Elia tells La Puma that the first sneaker he took notice of was the Nike Air Max 180, which has always been his dad's go-to shoe. 

D'Elia also discussed LeBron "stealing his style," his favorite Air Jordan 1s, Balenciagas, Yeezy sizing, the pricing at consignment shops and more.

At the end of his trip to Flight Club Los Angeles, D'Elia racked up $2,190 worth of kicks, but you know that ain't making a DENT in his bank account.

Peep the full episode below.