Reggie Ossé, better known as Combat Jack - one of the realest podcasters in the game - has announced some sad news. The former hip-hop attorney, blogger, and host of The Combat Jack Show revealed that he is battling colon cancer. He made the announcement via Twitter, and while the nature of the news is no doubt severe, Combat's positive attitude outlook proves that he he has all intentions of conquering the illness. Check out the full message below, in which Combat Jack details his recent experiences and promises that he's not going anywhere.

It's a sad day, to be sure. Combat Jack's show is one of the most informative and entertaining hip-hop podcasts out, and if you're only discovering it now, you should go scope out the archives - there's a good chance he chopped it up with some of your favorite artists. In the latest episode, which features Redman and Just Blaze, Jack opened up the episode with the PSA. Afterward, the episode continued without him for the first time in seven years. At the end of the day, the biggest takeaway is Jack's outlook on the situation. "’I'm about to jump on this journey to health with chemo and alternative medicine," writes Jack. "Take care of your health. Your boi ain't going nowhere though."

As soon as he dropped the news, many in the hip-hop community was quick to pour in their prayers and well wishes. There's little doubt that Jack will persevere, especially if you familiarize yourself with his story. Coming up, Combat graduated from Cornell University, and went on to receive his law degree from Georgetown Law School. Afterward, he became immersed in the game, working for Def Jam and spending time with some of the industry's key players. Now, in this time of tribulation, send your prayers to an OG who has been giving to the hip-hop movement for his entire career.