Pete Dougherty, a columnist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, recently wrote a piece explaining why he thinks the Packers should make an effort to sign free agent running back Adrian Peterson, but that's not the reason why his article is going viral this morning.

While writing about Peterson's history, and why he's worth signing even at the age of 31, Dougherty brought up AP's highly publicized child abuse case which resulted in his suspension during the 2014 season. 

Then, he delivered a scorching hot take, claiming Peterson's child abuse could be linked to him being a descendent of slaves.

Dougherty writes,

"As for Peterson, society is changing fast, and obviously for the better, on many things, including disciplining children. I’m 55 and have friends about a generation older who say corporal punishment in school was routine. That’s not that long ago."

"Let’s also not forget that Peterson likely is descended from slaves who suffered savage disciplinary beatings generation after generation after generation. It excuses nothing but also can’t be ignored. This is learned behavior."

That part of the column was taken out shortly after it was published but not before Dougherty's blazing take melted the browsers of readers across the U.S.

Note to readers: A paragraph in an earlier version of Pete Dougherty’s column that included a reference to Peterson’s punishment of his 4-year-old son being connected to America’s history of slavery was removed. It was poorly reasoned and insensitive. We apologize to all readers who were offended.