Usually, bounties get put on the heads of humans and even then, the bounty seems more like a relic of the Wild West than a day-to-day 21st century occurrence. But, in Colombia bounties are alive and well and they get placed on dogs. 

A sniffer dog for the Colombian police, with the cute/scary name of Sombra (Shadow in English), has been named as the target of a $70,000 bounty by the Urabeños mafia. The Urabeños are, according to CNN, "one of Colombia's most powerful criminal groups," trafficking in enough cocaine that one dog could seize 9 tons of it. That dog, as you may have guessed, is Sombra.

In the above tweet, General Jorge Nieto, comments on the bounty, saying that Sombra has helped the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police capture 245 people before turning six years old.

This record of arrests and drug seizures has led Sombra to be referred to as "the torment of 'Otoniel,'" who is the head of the Urabeños mafia. The dog has already received recognition for her work in the form of two "K-9 Medals of Courage" and is set to receive another later this year. All the attention around Sombra seems to be benefitting the Colombian cops, as they're taking the dog on what seems like a press tour, even appearing on a Colombian morning show:

Sombra is currently being held at the Bogota airport for (obvious) safety reasons.