Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich has high praise for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. Reich is so much of a fan, he believes Jackson is deserving of the MVP award this season.

When asked about the importance of mobility for Quarterbacks on Sunday, Reich said, “I think that those traits that I just talked about – you look at a guy like Lamar Jackson. Here is the MVP of the league, I mean there is no question about that in my mind," according to USAToday. “He has elite physical traits that nobody else has at that level and yet he still has all the other stuff.”

Reich then moved the topic towards his team's current opponent, Drew Brees: “[Jackson’s] a unique player, but so is Drew Brees. That is what is kind of cool about this game, that you can tailor your offense around those two different kind of guys."

Jackson has been having a historic season. He's broken Michael Vick's record for most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback and has a 33-6 touchdown to interception ratio with a 112.6 passer rating on top on it.

The Ravens beat the Jets on Thursday 42-21. 

The Colts play on Monday night against the Saints.