Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Abdul Jaleel Awini was arrested on suspicion of drug possession around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, after cops found cocaine in his wallet AFTER he had been knocked out by one of his teammates outside of a bar in downtown Boulder. 

According to the report, Awini and teammate Christopher Hill were out celebrating after a win against Utah when bouncers kicked Awini out for being too drunk. He blamed Hill for getting ejected and Hill punched him in his jaw.

With teammates like that who needs enemies?

Hill took off running but was chased down and later charged with third-degree assault. Awini was taken to the hospital for treatment and that's when cops told him what they found in his wallet. 

"As Awini was being treated, a police officer found packets of what he believed to be cocaine inside Awini’s wallet. While hooked up to a heart monitor at Boulder Community Health’s Foothills Hospital, officers noted Awini’s heart rate spiked when they told him they had found the wallet, before mentioning the cocaine."

"Awini asked the cops what charges he was looking at because, “you know I got some (expletive) in my wallet,” according to the report."

Neither player is a major factor for the Buffs so this news shouldn't impact their game plan come Friday night's Pac-12 Championship game against Washington.