Colin Kaepernick's decision to sit, or kneel, during the National Anthem quickly became the talk of the NFL's pre-season and if jersey sales are any indication, it appears as though many fans support his decision.

J Cole and Trey Songz are just two of the many fans who have shown support by purchasing Kaepernick's #7 jersey, which has now become the top selling jersey at the NFL Shop, according to reports. Specifically, the red "Home" jersey is the best seller, but the white one is also booming as a result of his protest, ranking 7th in sales and climbing. 

And these jerseys go for $100 a pop, so it's not like folks are buying these just to burn them as a rebuttal to his protest. 

Some former NFL stars like Rodney Harrison, Tiki Barber and Jerry Rice have already spoken out against #7 and his method of protest, while others like President Obama, have noted that Kaepernick is just exercising his constitutional right by choosing not to stand.

Kaepernick is currently listed as a backup on the 49ers depth chart behind Blaine Gabbert, but when they welcome the Rams into town on Monday night you can expect to see a sea of #7s in the crowd.