According to Colin Kaepernick's attorney said that two teams seem to be interested in his client's services, but he wouldn't name them outright. Instead, the attorney, Mark Geragos, dropped a few oh so obvious hints, the first of which invoked the late Al Davis, the longtime owner of the Raiders franchise. "I'll say this ... if Al Davis was still alive," he said as an interrupted lead-in statement. The next clue was even more comprehensible, with Geragos stating that Kaepernick's camp has been in talks with Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots. 

Geragos was asked by TMZ if his client was keeping abreast of NFL action this season, to which he responded "Yes" without divulging too many of Colin Kaepernick's safely guarded secrets. Needless to say, a lot hinges on his collusion case with the NFL, set to begin trial very soon, but it shouldn't preclude him from signing a contract if he does indeed want to play in 2018. 

TMZ was also able to gauge the unknowns surrounding Kaepernick's "arrangement" with Nike. Apparently, his Nike deal comes replete with a signature shoe, which will likely come into fruition once he resumes his NFL career. Geragos said so himself, Colin is under no circumstances, boycotting the NFL. Keep it locked.