The NFL thought their bases were covered when they introduced a hashtag-driven voting system for this season's Pro Bowl. But it turns out, the hashtag system, although easier to tabulate, could get anyone voted into the game, even inactive players including Colin Kaepernick. That's exactly what Kaepernick have come to realize. As soon as enough supporters noticed the flaw, they had grounds to organize a movement - and once they had a movement, #ProBowlVote started flying off the handle alongside the #ImWithKap hashtags that usually make the rounds.

Although the NFL would likely take action if Kaepernick became the leading vote-getter, there remains a precedent for something like this occurring in the past. During the 1991-1992 NBA Season, fans voted a retired Magic Johnson into the All-Star Game, the reason being: a loophole was created by his sudden retirement due to health concerns.

In Magic's case, they allowed him to play, inspiring him to a vintage performance on his way to MVP honors. Of course, Magic Johnson and Colin Kaepernick were beset with very different circumstances. Colin is still going forward with his "active collusion" case against the NFL. Personally, I'd like to see Kaepernick gain the most votes, just to witness the PR nightmare that would ensue.