When news broke that Colin Kaepernick would be in Atlanta to workout privately in front of NFL teams, fans were excited because it meant there was a real chance that he could be back in the league. Kaepernick looked pretty good in the workout and was making some pretty phenomenal throws. The only issue is that Kaepernick and the league ended up butting heads over a liability waiver and Kaepernick moved his workout to a local high school in protest. There were originally going to be 25 teams at the workout but in the end, only eight showed up and the whole thing was a disaster.

It appears as though things have gotten even worse for Kaepernick as according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, not a single team has reached out to him following the workout. Simply put, it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in him right now.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Numerous people have come out with their takes on this entire situation, including Jay-Z who was reportedly disappointed with the way Kaepernick handled the whole thing. Stephen A. Smith has also been clear on his feelings towards this issue and had a lengthy Twitter rant about the whole thing.

Needless to say, it seems like this whole workout has done nothing but create more tension between Kap and the NFL.