Colin Kaepernick’s season may not have gone that well on the field, but off the field he’s been a bigger force than ever before. Aside from his divisive but influential decision to kneel during the National Anthem, he’s been extremely active in the community, donating millions of dollars to charities as well as getting out there himself to volunteer his time. Kaepernick’s latest effort? Donating a large chunk of his considerable sneaker collection to charity.

With enough sneakers, clothes and hats to fill up an entire 12-passenger van, Kaepernick was able to deliver his donations to multiple different charities throughout the city, including a local Berkeley homeless shelter that now has serious sneaker heat available.

Keep is well on his way to donating his promised $1 million from jersey sales. He’s been name checked by everyone from Frank Ocean to Martin Luther King III, so he must be doing something right. Check out some video of the donation tour below.