Colin Farrell has been sober for many years now but before his days of staying clear of drugs and alcohol, he would party real hard. For Colin's 25th birthday he, of course, turned up and tried to get out of a shooting day for 2002’s Minority Report on June 1st, he told  UK Mirror. The producers and directors didn't seem to care too much, forcing Colin to head to work quite hungover. 

Michael Tran/Getty Images

“I thought a $100 million film would at least listen to that ­request … but I worked. It was a rough night and I didn’t get any sleep,” he explained. “The line was, ‘I’m sure you’ve all grasped the fundamental paradoxical pre-crime methodology.’"

Colin says he remembers the line now because “it caused so much panic and anxiety. It should be on my tombstone.” Apparently, on that particular day, Colin's sister came to watch him at work and had to walk out after he was having such trouble remembering his line. "She had to leave the set after 56 takes,” he added. “I was a disaster.”

Colin headed to rehab in 2005 after previously admitting that he’d “basically been drunk or high” since he was 14.