Colin Cowherd has been known to deliver some pretty hefty hot takes on his show The Herd and sometimes these takes have angered those he talks about. One of the athletes that has taken exception to Cowherd is Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. On Friday, Cowherd had a segment on his show where he talked about Mayfield's status in Cleveland and how he was made to play there. While the sentiment seems positive, Mayfield interpreted it in a negative light.

"John Dorsey got fired by Kansas City. [Baker Marfield] was a walk-on twice and Cleveland's been the laughing stock of the league. They're all peas in a pod. They work together," Cowherd said.

That's when Mayfield fired back saying "you're a donkey man." Cowherd was quick to respond saying "I wish you would LISTEN before ruining my weekend. I worked very hard on this. Sad. Still hope we are friends despite our differences."

Mayfield wasn't buying it as he said "Why would I listen to you instead of just reading the quote? That’s exactly what you do when you go on air... skip all the details and important stuff, then go for the irrational opinion for clicks."

TMZ recently caught up to Cowherd where he explained that he loved the Browns quarterback and that he wishes they would stop beefing. You can see that interview below.