Colby Covington has always been an outspoken presence within the UFC and when he sees something that he doesn't like, you can be sure that he is going to call it out. The other day, we reported on how he felt like Kamaru Usman cheated during UFC 268, and that he actually won the fight based on the final three rounds. Many fans disagreed, however, he continued to talk a big game, claiming that a trilogy fight with Usman would only be fair at this point.

In a separate interview with MMA News, Covington set his sights on Jon Jones who was recently arrested for domestic violence. Covington went on a rant against the UFC superstar, calling him a "dirtbag" and a "piece of shit." Covington also went on to say that if he was in charge of the UFC, he would never let Jones fight again.

Jon Jones

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Per Covington:

“Oh, my gosh, man. I’m not surprised. I mean, definitely not surprised. That guy’s gonna continue to do felon-type stuff, criminal-type activities. That guy’s a piece of shit, man. He’s a dirtbag. I mean, beating your wife? And she’s so manipulated and so messed up emotionally in the head from what he’s done to her over the years, you can tell she just has trauma so she doesn’t want to rat him out. He used to bring home big money for her. So of course, she wants to keep the gravy train going. She doesn’t want anything to ruin their relationship. So I get where she’s coming from and why it’s happening, but man, that’s sad, James.”

Following the arrest, Jones' status in the UFC has been questioned, especially with Dana White being so vocal on the matter. While Covington might not get his way on this particular issue, there is no doubt that many fans feel the exact same way, as Jones' brushes with the law have become a stain on his legacy.