The clout chasing chronicles continue for viral Coi Leray fan Lea Royer. Earlier this week, Royer caught flack from thousands of social media users and even popular Hip-Hop artists like Lil Yachty after sharing a picture that she had taken with the "BIG PURR (Prrdd)" rapper at Rolling Loud. While there was nothing questionable or outlandish about the picture, it was Royer's caption that made her Facebook post go viral.

"I look more like a celebrity than her tbh," she wrote. "(Not the fit just the face) y'all d*cksucking ode [crying laughing emoji]."

Well, it turns out that Coi Leray caught wind of Royer's social media comments, and rather than ranting about the situation online and disrupting the promotional efforts for her new single with Sleepy Hollow, the "No More Parties" rapper went directly to the source. Hopping into Lea Royer's DMs, Coi Leray clapped back at Royer's recent actions by saying, "Ya mother should of swallowed you."

In response to Coi's disrespectful comment, Royer wrote back, "LMFAOAOOAO i think this whole thing was dragged out. It was an opinion, but i didn't think i look better than you. You shouldn't even be mad at my opinion, just keep it pushing. Everyone's dragging this whole sh*t and i been defended myself. If you wanna take it personal u could but it wasn't sh*t. If i was you, i wouldn't care."

"Yea yea yea," Coi replied rather callously, and Royer continued to send the 2021 XXL Freshman another lengthy message. After the exchange, Royer went on to expose her DM conversation with Coi Leray by posting screenshots of the exchange to her Instagram story.

Do you think that this is another example of Royer clout chasing, or is it cool that she exposed what Coi Leray said in her DMs?