Not many artists have had a better year than Coi Leray. The New Jersey-based rap artist may have had a difficult time breaking into the industry but she's officially made it, creating a platform for herself to succeed in the music industry for years to come. The world is waiting on her debut studio album following the release of her breakout single "No More Parties" and as we stay patient for more information, the 24-year-old rising superstar is keeping her fans entertained with plenty of revealing photos and videos.

Earlier this year, Coi was being teased online by cyberbullies who targeted her for her natural frame. She wasn't shaken by the body-shaming efforts though and, in fact, she seems to have amplified her social media presence to include even more thirst traps than before. Building a fanbase of millions on TikTok and Instagram, Coi has shared yet another revealing video she was getting styled in her glam room, taking off her pants and showing off her backside.

The "Bout Me" rapper filmed with her cell phone as a stylist took her measurements. She was feeling herself, posting different angles of her outfits, which initially included a pair of olive pants. Eventually, she took the pants off and showed off her butt in a patterned thong.

Coi has been using her social platforms to elevate, and it's clear that the thirst traps are part of her strategy to continue bringing eyes to her page. Watch the video below, as well as a few other of her recent posts.