After the initial video of her concert went viral, Coi Leray received encouraging words from Nicki Minaj. A snippet of Leray in concert circulated online showing the artist on stage performing as a large crowd stood silent in the audience. Leray was ridiculed online and returned to share that she'd felt brow-beaten, but Minaj sent her a public message telling her to keep her chin up.

Meanwhile, one of the concertgoers seen in the viral clip took to TikTok to share what really happened. "I don't think anybody understands how embarrassed I am because I've been getting texts, calls, repost tags all day," the woman said.

"Basically, I was just confused," she continued. "It was really bad timing too, 'cause when she came out on stage, everybody was like real hype, but I guess she started performing her newer songs first and everybody was really like, looking for 'Big Purr' and 'No More Parties,' so that's what happened right there. Nobody knew the songs."

She added that when Leray finally performed her two hits, "she was good, we got right." A TikTok user wanted to see what the crowd looked like during "Big Purr" and "No More Parties," and while the crowd was more interactive, they didn't liven up much. "I didn't say it was a rager or nothin', nothin' like that man. I just said it was better than the mannequin challenge."

Swipe below to see the clip and listen to the woman share her side of the story.