Cochise Shows Off His Bootleg Yeezy Airpods On "In My Bag"

Alex Zidel
July 13, 2021 15:43

Cochise comes through for an entertaining episode of "In My Bag."

Cochise is not with all the flexing... yet. Once he starts seeing more of the money being made from his hit singles "Tell Em" featuring $NOT and "Hatchback," the Jamaican-born rapper might start hitting up the designer store and showing out. For now though, he's emptying out the contents of his Armani satchel and telling us all about his daily necessities on the latest episode of In My Bag.

The rising artist is definitely a pretty funny guy, as you'll see in the video. He starts off by showing the camera his Airpods, which are his second pair after losing the last. He keeps them safe in a bootleg Yeezy Boost 350 case, which he specifies was bought from Amazon Prime, and not through Kanye. Then, he stunts with his inhaler, his mom's Honda car keys, his wallet (which he bought from Ross), and his teeth.

This is a pretty short episode of In My Bag, but it's also one of the most entertaining. Cochise is a funny character.

Watch the new episode of In My Bag above and let us know who you'd like to see on the series next. While you're here, check out Cochise's debut project Benbow Crescent here.

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